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Kayaking, Canoeing, Tubing + Shuttle service:  Rockcastle River runs along the backside of our grounds with only the Daniel Boone Forest across the river.  You can rent kayaks & canoes down the road (+ shuttle service) at Rockcastle Riverside RV campground (859) 321-0903, 4211 Lower River Rd, Livingston, KY 40445, or bring your own kayaks, canoes or innertubes and inquire with them about shuttle service.

Rockcastle River remains one of the cleanest rivers in Kentucky!  Here at Fireglow Campground, we strive to live by "Leave No Trace" ~ We require no littering, no dumping of vehicle oils, no cigarette butts, bottle caps, cans, food bags littered anywhere onsite and local roads.  We provide trashcans at our campground for our guests. When driving or riding around, we suggest folks bring bags and dispose of trash in trash cans, “Pack it in, Pack it out” wherever your travels may take you!  We hope to keep our forest and grounds beautiful & clean for your visit and our local wildlife and neighbors ❤🥰🐻.  Thanks everyone, we appreciate you guys!


River entry/exit points on our road (Lower River Rd) 2 miles before our cabins at the river beach below the i75 highway overpass, and 3 miles past our cabin at Rockcastle Riverside RV camp, plus a few more entry points which you can find online & along State Rd 25, or call us with questions.  Rockcastle River also has faster rapids a few miles away, including some guide-lead river adventures!  See links below. 

Rockcastle River UPPER aka North Section:  This section of the river runs along our property, with mellow flowing water ideal for kayaking, fishing, tubing, floating & canoeing.,     **The kayak entry/put-in shown in this flyfishing video is nearby off State-Rd 25 down the road from Fireglow Campground (about 4 miles).  There are closer entry/exit points at the i-75 bridge/overpass along our road 2 miles before Fireglow Campground (Lower River Rd aka KY-1329),  and an entry/exit point on private property 3 miles past us along our road at Rockcastle Riverside RV Campground.  *Notice that some sites refer to our road as State Rd KY-1329, and may not reference our road name “Lower River Rd”.   These are the same road.

Rockcastle River LOWER, aka Narrows aka South Section:  Faster currents & white-water kayaking   

 Drone footage:   Video credit: Ben Childers


Laurel River below Dam ~ Class III & IV.  

Rockcastle River Lower & The Narrows ~ Class II - IV


Rockcastle River Narrows:

Big South Fork of the Cumberland River:     51 miles from Fireglow Campground.

LAKES, FISHING, KAYAKING & BOATING **Check online for more details and a complete list of lakes and rivers to kayak, fish, swim, nature walks, hikes, and other water recreation & enjoyment:  


   Drone footage:   

   Late Fall

   Spring colors:

       LAUREL RIVER LAKE:  Memorial Day Weekend! 

Stand Up Paddling:  

     video credit: Johnnie Nicholson

​       HOLLY BAY MARINA on Laurel Lake (Rentals: Kayaks, Pontoons, Fishing Boats, Boat Slips).


 Boating, Fishing, Licensing:

       LAKE LINVILLE (606) 256-0636,  Facebook Group:

FISHING in local rivers & lakes:  Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Spotted Bass, Channel Catfish, Black Crappie, White Crappie, Walleye, Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Bluegill, and more!




Flyfishing:  Kayaks & canoes can be rented thru Rockcastle Riverside up the road, & Larry who owns ROC listed above .

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding:  Rockcastle Outdoor Company/ROC (317) 446-3434, 9160 Main St, Livingston KY 40445 – Offering guided motorcycle, ATV and SUP tours. 
Facebook:  /RockcastleOutdoorCompany   Instagram: @RockcastleOutdoorCompany

Waterparks, Pools, Splashing:  SomerSplash Waterpark, Mill Street Park, Levi Jackson Park pool

Waterfalls & Hiking Trails: A few enchanted forest hikes include:  

Forests, Trails, Hiking & Water Links:  

Many of the local trails have waterfalls, creeks, beautiful and interesting limestone and sandstone rock formations, vibrant green moss & mushroom growth, & lush green forests and landscape. You’ll find trails for all energy levels - easy walks to challenging.  Some of the apps give details on the ability level, distance length, estimated walking or hiking time, altitude, maps, and directions.  Type in a trail name or nearby zip code.  You can enter Fireglow Campground location: Livingston KY 40445, or London KY or Corbin which are south of us, or Mt. Vernon & Berea which are north of us, along the i75.  Many of the photos don't do the hikes justice!  We’ve got a photobook in our cabin showing some of the local gorgeous hikes!   These trails can be hiked year round.  Spring brings vibrant greens & blue skies, Fall brings brilliant deep reds, oranges & yellow leaf coverage, and December – February sometimes has dazzling white snow, usually light coverage.

Discover The Forest:

All Trails app is handy for finding nearby hiking trails & directions from your phone.

OHV Trail Riding (Off-Highway Vehicle):

OnX Off-Road app:  Find trails & maps all over the U.S.   The site offers a free trial, and yearly subscriptions.  Guest Jim Moss told me about this app

Motor Vehicle Use maps: The MVUM displays National Forest System (NFS) routes (roads & trails) or areas designated open to motorized travel, as well as allowed access by vehicle class and motorcycles.  The map displays all NFS roads, trails and designated areas allowing public motor vehicle use.  Motorized use includes but is not limited to Motorcycles, ATVs, and 4-wheel drive vehicles. Be aware of National Forest/Federal prohibited & private road and land  use/riding.

Wildcat Offroad Park is a quick drive down the road (Hwy 25) for some of the best off-roading in the country!  2,000 acre off-road park that will accommodate all off-road enthusiasts!  Over 100 miles of trails with the greatest sites in the South-Eastern United States. Visitors check in at the Park office before parking and entering the park to ride.  Study the map they give you and ask where you can find the old train tunnel and train tracks!  Careful, the tracks are active!  You’ll come across lots of cool hills, rocks, narrows, creeks and trails to climb & conquer!

Rockcastle County Mountains:  Peak Advisor


Off-roading, Overlanding, Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing: You’ll find miles of forest trails riddled through the local mountains, as well as forested off-roading and a creek further down our road (State Rd-1329 aka Lower River Rd). Trail info can be found on various trail apps, Google Maps, and U.S. Forest websites.  

Overlanding is about exploration. Vehicle-dependent adventure travel to remote destinations, where the journey is the primary goal, to see and learn about our world. Camping and remote cabins are the primary lodging. Kentucky Adventure Tour aka K.A.T. is a 933 mile “Outlander” off-roading trail which includes route segments.  KAT is the premier Overland Route in Kentucky.  KAT2 goes right down our road (Lower River Rd), you’ll see our Fireglow Forest Campground on their site. Make note that we’re right off i75 exit 49.  “The Kentucky Adventure Tour is the perfect amalgamation of Appalachia with its quaint towns, scenic rivers, and dense forests.  KAT Segment 2 (242 miles) travels from Livingston to Newcomb, and also traverses through the Daniel Boone Nat’l Forest”.

Geocaching “is a sport that is a little like hide-and-seek for outdoor enthusiasts. Individuals place a "cache," which is generally a small container with a logbook, a pencil, and maybe a few small trinkets, in a specific location. They note the GPS coordinates and apply for permission for the cache to be published on the web at  If the cache meets the criteria established by Groundspeak, the parent organization of the website, it will be published along with any clues that the person placing the cache has offered. After it is published, individuals may find the clues and coordinates and go look for the cache. They usually write their name or a comment in the logbook and may take a trinket and leave a different trinket they found elsewhere.”

U.S. Forest Service:

Fossils & Palentology:,  U.S. Map of fossil parks:

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